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(A) Scope of Application of Waterstop Strip

The product is extensively applied in concrete structure of various kinds. Examples of the structure are water retaining dam, storage tank, subway, culvert, tunnel and other underground works. Deformation joint and construction joint are usually left during concreting when concrete is not placed continuously, the foundation deforms or concrete member expands and contracts as the result of temperature change. Placed at the joint, the rubber waterstop strip prevents ground water or external water from seeing into the structure and water inside the structure leaking to outside. 


(B) Role and Principle of Waterstop Strip

Elastic deformation of rubber under load is utilized in performance of rubber waterstop strip. It seals the joint, effectively prevents seepage and leakage and mitigates vibration or shock. Certain expansion and contraction is required among civil works and hydrological structures in many projects. Watertightness and seismic resistance is also required in some projects. The problem of seepage or leakage can be effectively solved by applying or installing rubber waterstop strip. The product is mainly used in cast in-situ concrete construction joint and deformation joint in concrete structure such as foundation, underground works, tunnel, water aqueduct and water retaining dam. The use of rubber waterstop is one step to ensure service life of a construction project.


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