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Water swelling rubber

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(A) Introduction

Such rubber is a unique new rubber product. It has the performance of ordinary rubber product and expands in contact with water. It is more reliable than ordinary rubber in terms of watertightness and waterstop effect. 


(B) Performance and Advantages

Expansive rubber has excellent features and characteristics compared with ordinary rubber.   

The rubber deforms with expansion of 2-3 times original dimension once in contact with water. All irregular surface of joint, void and space will be filled with rubber with significant contact pressure, completely preventing leakage.   

Ordinary rubber waterstop fails to stop water when joint clearance is over the elastic range of rubber in event of expansion joint or construction joint displaces. The expansive rubber also absorbs water to stop water.  

When used for the purpose of seepage or leakage control, expansive rubber is used with saved quantity, eliminates elastic fatigue of ordinary rubber as result of excessive compression, achieving better water stop result. 


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