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Lead isolation bearing

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Isolated rubber bearing features and application range


The isolated rubber bearing is made up of a combination of multi-layer rubber and multi-layer steel plate or other materials. It is a device with large vertical bearing capacity, small horizontal stiffness and large horizontal lateral displacement allowable value. It can resolve horizontal earthquakes and withstand vertical earthquakes, and is suitable for isolation of houses, bridges, highways, equipment, etc. Eight characteristics of the isolated rubber bearing:


1. Have sufficient vertical stiffness and vertical bearing capacity.

2. The isolation effect is obvious and stable. It has a small enough horizontal stiffness to ensure that the basic period of the building is extended to 2-3 seconds or more.

3. With proper damping ratio, it can effectively absorb seismic energy and reduce the seismic response of the superstructure.

4, with a stable elastic reset function, can automatically reset instantaneously in multiple earthquakes.

5, the structure is simple, easy to install and test.

6. With sufficient durability, the normal service life of the product is 60 years.

7. Full engineering application experience and successfully withstood the test of real earthquakes.

8, with resistance to repeated loads, fatigue, aging and other characteristics.

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