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Model JQZ Spherical Pad

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Structural Features and Functions


QZ series spherical pad comprises upper stay plate, lower stay plate, convex middle plate and two pieces of polyfluortetraethylene plate of different shapes. The concave spherical surface in middle of lower stay plate is engaged with middle convex plate. They are lined with a piece of radial Teflon plate between them so that beam end is turned by spherical slide; Upper stay plate stainless steel plate and middle plate Teflon plate make up the second acting surface on which the beam expands or contracts as the result of temperature change or other elements.


Force is reliably transmitted on pad spherical surface and turn performance is consistent in all directions. It not only has high load capacity and high horizontal displacement features of basin rubber pad, but also is suitable for large turn angle, wide bridge and curved bridge. Low temperature brittleness does not exist since no rubber part is used to take load, so the pad is applied in low temperature area in particular. 


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