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Road Bridge Seismic Resistant Basin Pad

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The largest pad model GPZ(II)55MN-SX manufactured by this company was used in Binjiang Bridge, Nantong City.


Structural Features and Functions


Model GPZ(II) basin rubber pad is modified GPZ series product. The working principle of the pad is as follows: the non-compression of liquid volume of rubber pad under three-direction load is adopted in the sealed steel basin cavity to reliably transmit the reverse force acting on bridge superstructure to pier platform, so as to turn bridge beam end; meanwhile, the free slide between polyfluortetraethylene and stainless steel plate is used to accommodate horizontal displacement caused by change of ambient temperature and concrete creep and contraction, ensuring service safety of bridge. The product is applied in motorway bridges and other super and middle sized bridges.


Model GPZ(II) basin rubber pad is designed by CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd. and manufactured in compliance with “Road Bridge Basin Type Rubber Pad” (JT391-1999) issued by the Ministry of Transport. It was modified greatly on the basis of model GPZ series basin rubber pad with main detail as follows: 




1.1 Design load capacity of pad is expanded to 0.8 - 60MN from 1000KN-50000KN, accordingly, the category is raised to Class 31 from 18 and the scope of application is expanded.

1.2 Design friction coefficient of normal temperature active pad is taken 0.03 from the original 0.04. 

1.3 The turn angle of pad is expanded to 0.02rad(1°08') from 0.01164rad(40').

1.4 The class of displace is increased to three from original two.

1.5 Design of anchor bolts is improved for convenient replacement.

1.6 The plane dimension of pad is adjusted.


The modified model GPZ(II) basin rubber pad is reasonable in design and compact in structural construction and meet the international standard.


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