Address: Hengzao Road, Hengshui City, Hebei Province

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Hengshui Rubber General Factory Co., Ltd.

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Honesty and trustworthiness is the enterprise creed of the factory from top to bottom, forming the enterprise value of "innovation, win-win, dedication". Really regard customers as God, all for the sake of customers, won the praise of customers, won the vast sales market, thus ensuring the realization of the company's development goals.


The Core Values of Hengxiang General Factory: Integrity Management, Unity and Cooperation, Respect for Customer Result Orientation


Vision of Hengxiang General Factory: We want to become a professional supplier of China's transportation engineering, and have our products on every road in China.


Zhao Yong, the former chairman of the company, said: An honest, honest and loving person must be a responsible person; an enterprise with a beautiful ideal and concern for the world and people must be an enterprise with a sacred sense of mission!


Hengshui Rubber General Factory Co., Ltd. is adhering to this belief, guided by the strategic idea of market-oriented and scientific and technological progress as the main line, combining independent research and development with absorption and introduction, so as to keep its products at the forefront of market demand and make its own contribution to the cause of transportation construction.