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Hengshui Rubber General Factory Co., Ltd.

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Hengshui Rubber General Factory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengshui Rubber General Factory) was founded at the beginning of the century in 2001. Hengshui Rubber General Factory covers an area of 88,000 square meters with registered capital of 15.1 million yuan. There are nearly 900 employees, including 60 managers, 150 business personnel and nearly 700 production workers. Mainly engaged in highway, railway, municipal, subway, construction and other engineering shock absorption devices, expansion devices, waterproof devices and other products research and development, manufacturing and sales. At present, the products have formed more than 1000 specifications in four categories, including GPZ bridge basin rubber bearings, QZ bridge ball bearings, bridge plate rubber bearings, bridge seismic bearings, railway standard bridge special bearings, GQF/GQZ, GQC, SSF series bridge expansion devices, rubber water stops, shield segment waterproof materials. The annual production capacity is 100,000 extension meters for bridge expansion equipment and more than 25,000 basin rubber bearings. Rubber products 2 million cubic centimeters, rubber water stop 300,000 meters, EPDM sealing gasket 20,000 rings, production of basin support maximum specifications 55MN, ball support maximum specifications 80MN, expansion joint maximum specifications 800mm. The 1670-times, 1670-times and 289mm super isolation rubber bearings used in Qingyijiang Bridge of Wuhan-Shenyang Canal are produced by the General Rubber Works of Anhui Transportation Design Institute.

In 2009, he was awarded Honest and Credit Enterprise of Hebei Province. In 2012, 2013 and 2015, they won the honor of honest enterprises in Hebei Province in succession. In 2013, he obtained the certificate of production safety standardization, and in January 2015, he obtained the AAA certificate of enterprise credit issued by China Transportation Enterprise Management Association. At the same time, the company's 10-year efforts, ISO quality management system, 14000 safety and health management system, 21000 environmental protection system has all passed the certification. It has passed the examination of production license of highway bridge bearing and rubber sealing products. It has passed CRCC certification of Railway rubber water stop belt and CCPC certification of bridge support, bridge expansion device and other products. Plate rubber bearings, basin bridge bearings, ball bearings, bridge expansion devices, rubber water stop belts and other products have won the title of famous brand products of the Ministry of Transportation Transportation Enterprise Association. GPZ2009, QZ2009, 09T bridge basin bearings, 09T ball bearings, HDR bridge high damping bearings, NDQZ non-linear damping pair isolation ball steel bearings, friction pendulum bearings, JQZ/JPZ series anti-seismic bearings and so on, have become the bulk products put into the market in Hengxiang General Factory. Hengshui Financial System AAA Credit Enterprise, Hengshui Tax A Enterprise, National Standardization Committee Rubber Miscellaneous Branch Communications Committee Enterprise, China Jiaotong First Court Strategic Partner Enterprise, Transportation Enterprise Association Executive Director Enterprise, Hengshui Engineering Rubber Association Executive Director Enterprise.

Up to now, the company has 15 patented technologies. In 2012, it independently developed the SWCF Space Rotating Comb Plate Bridge Expansion Device, which was listed in the technical project plan of Taocheng District Industrial Promotion Bureau of Hengshui City, and obtained the utility model patent of the State Patent Office. With the Ministry of Technology as the main part and the technical personnel of the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Transportation, after nearly one year's work, two sets of manufacturing drawings of "09T Highway Bridge Basin Bearing" and "09T Highway Bridge Ball Bearing" have been successfully completed, which meet the requirements of the industrial production license examination of more than 100 enterprises in this industry and have achieved certain social benefits. In the actual process of 09T series drawings, adhere to the principle of scientific and technological innovation, have made a new design of dust-proof system, and obtained the invention patent of the State Intellectual Property Office.

"Honesty and trustworthiness" is the enterprise creed of the factory from top to bottom, forming the enterprise value of "innovation, win-win, dedication". Really regard customers as God, all for the sake of customers, won the praise of customers, won the vast sales market, thus ensuring the realization of the company's development goals. 

The Core Values of Hengxiang General Factory: Integrity Management, Unity and Cooperation, Respect for Customer Result Orientation

Vision of Hengxiang General Factory: We want to become a professional supplier of China's transportation engineering, and have our products on every road in China.

Zhao Yong, the former chairman of the company, said: An honest, honest and loving person must be a responsible person; an enterprise with a beautiful ideal and concern for the world and people must be an enterprise with a sacred sense of mission!

Hengshui Rubber General Factory Co., Ltd. is adhering to this belief, guided by the strategic idea of market-oriented and scientific and technological progress as the main line, combining independent research and development with absorption and introduction, so as to keep its products at the forefront of market demand and make its own contribution to the cause of transportation construction.